Bowdoin International Music Festival
Preliminary COVID and Campus Policy 2023

 Please note that these policies will be updated as the summer approaches.

I. Vaccination and Saftey Protocols

Vaccinations: All students, faculty, and staff are required to be fully vaccinated with an FDA or WHO authorized COVID-19 vaccine prior to coming to the Festival.

Fully-Vaccinated: The Festival and Bowdoin College consider this to mean having completed a primary series of either the two-dose Pfizer or Moderna vaccine or a single dose of the Johnson and Johnson vaccine.

Testing Procedure: COVID testing procedures will be announced closer to the Festival. At this time, we do not anticipate providing or requiring regular testing.

Mask Requirements: Masking protocols will be announced closer to the Festival. At this time, we do not anticipate requiring masking. However, Bowdoin is a mask-friendly campus, and we encourage anyone who desires to wear a mask to do so with our full support.

II. Residential Living

Students must comply with all health and safety guidelines and requirements outlined by Bowdoin College’s summer policy, which will be announced in late spring.

Prior to Arrival: All students should take extreme care while traveling to campus. Students may be required to provide proof of a negative COVID test within 72 hours of arrival.

Student Move-In: At this time, we do not anticipate testing students upon arrival. More logistical info about arrival day will be provided in the coming months.

Off-Campus Living: Students may be permitted to live off campus as long they abide by all other health and safety protocols. Students must get permission from the Festival’s Director of Admissions and Operations.

III. GUEST Concert Attendance

We look forward to welcoming parents, family, and friends to concerts! Final concert protocols will be announced closer to the summer. We anticipate establishing the following procedures:

IV. Summer 2023 Campus Community Agreement

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Festival students, faculty, and staff share in the responsibility to keep the Bowdoin and Brunswick communities safe and healthy. We must also commit to practices that promote responsible and healthy decisions in order to mitigate the spread of infection. This requires discipline and sacrifice on the part of everyone — we must make a collective effort to minimize person-to-person transmission of COVID-19.

By attending the Festival, you agree to comply with all of the Festival’s and Bowdoin College’s COVID-19 policies and protocols, including any updates to these procedures. The Festival and Bowdoin College will strictly enforce any policy violations, which may result in disciplinary action, including immediate removal from campus and the Festival. Students will not be refunded.

Thank you for your cooperation and commitment to keep our community safe.