Program Fees

Program Fees

2018 Fees 3 Week Session 6 Week Session
Participation Fee $1,900 $3,500
Room $750 $1,250
Meal Plan $850* $1,500*
Facility Fee $200 $400
TOTAL $3,700* $6,650*

*The meal plan is optional for apartment residents 21 and over. However, the Festival highly recommends the purchase of a full meal plan to all participants. Bowdoin College offers an award-winning menu for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

*Lunch-only meal plan option for apartment residents: $600 for 6 weeks and $350 for 3 weeks.

*Pianists will be charged an additional cartage and tuning fee of $200 for 3 weeks and $400 for 6 weeks.


There will be no refunds of any kind after May 1, except for documented medical emergencies, in which case only the participation fee may be refunded on a pro-rated basis.

Financial Aid

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