Jingsi Lu

Collaborative Piano

2018 Fellow

Collaborative pianist Jingsi Lu, a 24-year-old from China, began her piano studies at the age of six. She has been awarded prizes in numerous competitions and festivals, such as the fourth ChineseWorks Piano Competition and the 71st Steinway International Youth Piano Competition. Since her debut at age twelve, Jingsi has appeared as a piano soloist several times, and also performed in master classes with Hung-Kuan Chen, Arnaldo Cohen, Christina Dahl, KayoIwama, Warren Jones, Paul Kantor, Robert McDonald, and Craig Rutenberg. In 2010, she came to America and studied with Pianist Chufang Huang. She graduated from New England Conservatory with a Bachelor’s Degree in solo piano in 2015, and a Master’s Degree in collaborative piano in 2017. Lu is currently pursuing her Graduate Diploma at New England Conservatory, studying under Ms. Vivian Weilerstein and Dr. Cameron Stowe.