Artist Sponsorship

Artist Sponsorship acknowledges the exceptional nature of our Faculty and Guest Artists and the critical necessity of quality education.

By sponsoring an artist, you can help the Festival achieve its goal of bringing world-class musicians to Maine for performances and mentorship. Sponsorship levels include:

Full Season Faculty Sponsorship     $16,000
Guest Quartet Sponsorship             $8,500
Single Session Faculty Sponsorship $8,000
Guest Artist Sponsorship                $6,000

Sponsor an artist

Classical musicians have added dimension to my life. I’m grateful and want to return the favor as best I can.
—James T. Morgan

In addition, faculty are always in need of a comfortable space to call home for their three or six-week stay. Providing free or discounted housing is an excellent way to support the local summer arts scene and encourage the development of young musicians.

If you have a space nearby and would like to learn more about helping the Festival by renting or donating your house, cottage, or apartment this summer, we would love to talk to you!

To learn more about supporting an artist, please contact us at 207-373-1400 or