Travel & Visa

Travel & Visa


Session One: Saturday, June 26, 2021 • Registration: 2:00 PM 6:00 PM
Session Two: Saturday, July 17, 2021 • Registration: 2:00 PM 6:00 PM

Please make your first stop our COVID testing center at Farley Field House, #55 on this map
After you receive your negative result, please check in at Osher Hall, #75 on this map


Session One: Saturday, July 17, 2021 by 10:00 AM
Session Two: Saturday, August 7, 2021 by 10:00 AM


Festival participants are responsible for travel arrangements to and from the Festival.

Air travel with your instrument

You may bring musical instruments as carry-on or as checked baggage. To help passengers who are traveling with instruments, the TSA has partnered with musical organizations around the country to understand the challenges of transporting musical instruments, and recommend the following:

1. Check with your airline prior to your flight to ensure that your instrument meets the size requirements for their aircraft.

2. Pack brass instruments in your checked baggage.

3. Bring string instruments, within carrier size limitations, as carry-on items.

Additional information is available from the Department of Transportation.

International Travel

Maine CDC International Travel Guidelines

For people who are fully vaccinated (at least 14 days past their final COVID-19 dose) who arrive in Maine:

  • Quarantine is not required unless you are experiencing symptoms.
  • Testing is recommended 3-5 days after arrival in the US.
  • If the COVID-19 test is positive, isolate.

For all people who are not fully vaccinated and arrive in Maine within 7 days of entering the United States:

  • Quarantine for 7 days from arrival in the US AND get a COVID-19 molecular or antigen test 3-5 days after arrival in the US.
  • If the COVID-19 test is positive, isolate.
  • Even if the COVID-19 test is negative, complete the 7-day quarantine after travel.
  • If individuals arriving from international travel do not get a COVID-19 test after their arrival, they should quarantine for 10 days after their arrival in the US.
  • Avoid being around anyone who is at increased risk of severe COVID-19 illness for 14 days following arrival in the US, regardless of COVID-19 test results.

For anyone who arrives in Maine more than 7 days after arrival in the US, follow the domestic travel guidelines above. Find travel guidance for all passengers coming to the United States, including US citizens, from US CDC.

Visa Info

You may be eligible to travel without a visa. The Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA) is an automated system that determines the eligibility of visitors to travel to the United States under the Visa Waiver Program.

If you are not eligible to travel without a visa, you will need to apply for a visa. Accepted participants are able to attend the Festival under a B-2 tourism visa. For documentation and verification of this program status, please contact the Festival and we will provide you with a letter explaining our classification as a “festival” as opposed to a “school” (you may need this letter for your visa application). It is important to establish that you are here for a temporary stay and show evidence that you will return to your home country. You should have no trouble if you bring the following documents with you:

  • Bowdoin Program Status letter (mentioned above – please contact the Festival to receive a copy of this letter).
  • A copy of your acceptance letter.
  • A copy of your Participation Agreement forms and final invoice.
  • Evidence of continuing ties to your home country. This may include school records that indicate your status as a continuing student, a letter from an employer, or a letter from your parents indicating that they expect you to return at a particular time or for a specific purpose.
  • Evidence of overseas residence – school correspondence, rental agreement, canceled mail with your current address on it.
  • Evidence of sufficient funds and/or financial support to travel to and remain temporarily in the U.S. – bank records or a letter from your school or family that states their support for your trip.
  • A round-trip ticket.

If you are not a U.S. citizen but are traveling to the Festival from within the U.S., you may need to have your current visa updated. Please confirm with whoever is supporting your visa.