Meg Freivogel


Session 2: July 13 - August 3

Faculty, University of Illinois; Jupiter String Quartet

Meg Freivogel McDonough, second violinist and founding member of the Jupiter String Quartet, grew up playing chamber music with her siblings. Her childhood music teachers Ronda Cole and John Kendall, with whom she studied in her hometown of St. Louis, inspired her to pursue a career in music. She attended the Cleveland Institute of Music for a Bachelor of Music degree, studying with Donald Weilerstein and participating in the flourishing chamber music program run by Peter Salaff and the Cavani Quartet. From there, Meg moved to Boston and the New England Conservatory where she obtained her Master of Music and Master of Chamber Music degrees, acting as teaching assistant to Donald Weilerstein and studying closely with Paul Katz and other members of the Cleveland Quartet.

Inspired by how music has shaped her life, Meg wishes to share her belief that creating art through music can provide tools useful in life in general. She feels studying an instrument and working in a chamber music group provides invaluable experience learning to collaborate with others. This communication and process provide kindling for creative ideas and inspire personal growth, ultimately creating fulfillment and enjoyment in the artistic process. Her husband, Daniel McDonough, plays cello in the quartet, and her sister, Elizabeth Freivogel, plays viola.