Tyler Hsieh

Winds, Clarinet

2018 Fellow

Student Sponsorship by Bill & Mary Earl Rogers 

Tyler Hsieh most recently played with the Montclair Orchestra and Mannes Orchestra. During his summers he has attended Chautauqua Music Festival, Zodiac Music Festival, and Domaine Forget Music Festival. As an avid orchestral player, he has played with many regional orchestras on the east coast.

Born in San Jose, California, and growing up in China, Taiwan, and Japan, Mr. Hsieh started playing the clarinet at age 16, studying with Janet Averett. He attended UCLA, studying with Michele Zukovsky, and is currently a Masters student at Mannes School of Music, with Charles Neidich.

Mr. Hsieh is also a performer outside of music, competing in the National Yo-Yo League. He has won contests, and currently runs a brand, designing yo-yos for the market. He also enjoys fine dining, cooking, and snowboarding.