Alumni Spotlight: Tyler Taylor

Photo of Tyler TaylorComposition Fellow alum Tyler Taylor ’21 has an exciting month ahead. The Louisville native is currently a full-time resident composer at the Louisville Orchestra as part of their Creators Corps Residency Program. In this role, he writes music for the orchestra and works closely with community organizations, schools, and programs in Louisville. Taylor’s latest work, Revisions for large symphony orchestra and saxophones, will premiere on March 11 as part of the orchestra’s Festival of American Music.

Taylor describes his inspiration for the work: “Lately, I have thought about how an instrument or a group of instruments’ “meaning” or connotation can be used to inform dramatic musical scenarios. In a broad sense, these scenarios create abstract analogies for social-political happenings. In the case of Revisions, the saxophone’s history comes charged with immense dramatic and symbolic potential. The presence of the saxophone quartet, seated alongside the string section principals, creates a dramatic tension within the orchestra as part of a scenario that explores power dynamics, unity, division, companionship, and finding a sense of place.”

And speaking of place, returning to Louisville for this position and project has been particularly meaningful for Taylor. “For me, the Creator Corps is a full-circle event that shows what can happen when people make meaningful connections in their community, or in my case re-connect with their community. I have dreamed of working with this orchestra in this capacity since I was a student at University of Louisville over a decade ago. The orchestra and its musicians have proven time and time again their musical excellence and their commitment to this initiative. It seems rare to find an orchestra that is as willing and open this one, the Louisville Orchestra!”

“This position also allows me to help shape the relationship of this orchestra with the community it serves through education programs. I created an after school composition workshop for Jefferson County Public School (JCPS) students in grades 4-12 to help address a gap in musical education I experienced when I was a student. Over the course of this program, students will write pieces that will be workshopped and performed by Louisville Orchestra members. This is an incredible, artistically-affirming experience that builds strong relationships between the students and the orchestra.”

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