It’s the unofficial vacation month for many Mainers as August is here and too many of us have begun asking, “Where did the summer go?” If you want to get some summer fun in before school starts, there are a number of constant opportunities like hiking trails, boat tours, golf courses and more, but there are also special events happening that you may love. Below are just a few activities I wanted to highlight for you and your family.

Final week of BIMF

The Bowdoin International Music Festival is truly one of the unique experiences for our region as they host upwards of 70-80 classical music performances over six weeks every summer right here in Brunswick. They begin in late June and end in early August, and this week happens to be the last week of performances for their summer season. They have about a dozen events scheduled this week, including young performer shows, a meet-the-composer event and even a masterclass on piano. BIMF is a great way to showcase music to your family and is truly a magical experience. For more information on the free events and the ticketed events, check out

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