Livestream: Ways to View

All concerts and events will be streamed to multiple platforms:
Festival Website  |  Facebook PageYouTube Channel

RSVP for concerts at to receive day-of concert reminder emails with direct viewing links.

No login information or accounts are required to stream Festival events.

Internet Requirements: We recommend using a wired ethernet internet connection for the best experience, or a strong, stable Wi-Fi connection and/or cellular data. Check the speed and strength of your Wi-Fi at; connections of at least 20 mbps (download) and 10 mbps (upload) are best.

Computer or laptop

1. Open an internet browser
2. Navigate to

If you are having trouble viewing a livestream, it’s possible the stream is at a bitrate higher than your connection can handle. Check your download speed at We also recommend closing other browser tabs, clearing your browser’s cache, and ensuring Flash and Java plug-ins are up to date.


1. Open an internet browser
2. Navigate to
3. Press the play button


1. Download the YouTube mobile app (free on both iOS and Android devices)
2. Open the YouTube mobile app
3. Click the search icon
4. Search for “Bowdoin Music Festival” and click on the live video
5. Press the play button

smart tv

If you own a Roku TV or Apple TV, you can watch Festival events directly on your TV.

1. Install the free YouTube application on your device
2. Open the YouTube app
3. Navigate to the search function
4. Search for “Bowdoin Music Festival” and click on the live video
5. Press the play button

standard tv


If you own a Chromecast and have connected it to your TV via HDMI, you can view Festival events on your TV through a connected smartphone or computer

1. Turn on your TV and navigate to the Chromecast window
2. On your computer or smartphone, open a Festival stream in the Google Chrome browser by following the instructions above “computer or laptop” toggle
3. Click the Chromecast icon in the Chrome browser menu above the stream page
4. Select the appropriate TV


1. Open a Festival stream on your computer by following the instructions in the above “computer or laptop” toggle
2. Connect your computer and TV through an HDMI cord
3. On your TV, select the appropriate input (HDMI)